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The Madison Film Forum was a graduate student film programming group on the University of Wisconsin--Madison campus in the late 1990s, started by Jonathan Walley, Lisa Dombrowski, Chris Sieving, and myself.  In the near future I will be "rebooting" the Forum with friends and colleagues as a means of promoting film culture in Madison, Wisconsin, and eventually programming events and screenings.  Check back here for updates.

Meanwhile, I will post occasional entries on IVFF which will feature news about screenings and events here in Maidson.  I have started a Madison Film Forum Flipboard magazine of curated articles, reviews, and videos related to screenings and events in and around Madison.  The Flipboard magazine will be updated each weekend (hopefully) with links provided on the IVFF Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Flipboard Magazine App Screenshot

It is not immediately obvious from the app design, but if you are an app user you can click on the comments button under each review to read my caption which provides basic local screening information. Unfortunately neither the comments button nor the captions appear on the web version of the magazine.

Click the comments button to see Madison screening details
Sample Madison screening details

Venue Links

Wisconsin Film Festival


Wisconsin Union Directorate Film Committee (Union Directorate Events Page)

Wisconsin Union Directorate Film Commitee (New WUD Film Page)

Sundance Cinemas--Madison

Sundance Screening Room Calendar

Spotlight Cinema @ Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

AMC Star Fitchburg 18

Marcus Eastgate Cinema

Marcus Point Cinema

Marcus Theater Entertainment Network

Market Square Cinema

Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival

Madison Film Resources

Madison Movie (Rob Thomas)

The Daily Page: Movies (Isthmus)

Observations on Film Art (David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson)

J.J. Murphy on Independent Cinema


My Local Coverage

Bollywood in Fitchburg (Isthmus, 11/07/13)

Museum Hours at MMoCA Spotlight Cinema, Oct. 24 (IVFF, 10/21/13)

UW Cinematheque features Japanese works from Studio Ghibli that take cartoons to a new level
(Isthmus, 02/14/2013)

Why is downtown Madison film culture disappearing? (Isthmus, 11/15/2012)

A Lonely Place for Dying needs more action and fewer phone calls (Isthmus, 09/13/2012)

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