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On this page you will find excerpts from blog entries and other tips regarding streaming devices that I use, including:

Roku Streaming Device


Plex -- "A Complete Media Solution"

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Watching Online Videos on Your Television using Plex

Excerpt from my blog post on 10/30/13:
I prefer to watch online shorts on my television for a better viewing experience, and Plex and its myPlex media queue has become my go-to resource for collecting any online video for later viewing. I first discovered Plex as an app on my Samsung Blu-Ray Smart Hub, and I use it even more extensively with its channel on the Roku Streaming Device.

The procedure is very simple if you first install the Plex bookmarklet in your bookmark bar, or add the Chrome myPlex Queue Extension. Simply find a video online, then click the bookmarklet to add it to your myPlex queue.  On pages with multiple videos, you might want to go to the video's source page first to make sure you're queueing the right video.  The videos in your myPlex queue are then available to watch on your television using your Samsung Smart Hub app or Roku Channel. Depending on the quality of the video source, the myPlex image and sound quality is very good (although it can take a little bit of time to access the video in your queue).

Watching Conan Without Commercials on Plex Team Coco Channel

Another frequent use for the Plex channel on the Roku lately has been to watch Conan the afternoon after it is broadcast without commercials.

Adding Plex Channels is not an option with the Roku interface, so you will either need to use the Plex/Web interface or the Plex Media Center to add the Team Coco channel.  It is the Roku version of the Team Coco channel, however, that allows you to watch complete episodes without commercials.

Occasionally the Plex Team Coco channel seems to have technical difficulties.  On those days, I simply go to the Team Coco Full Episode page and use Chromecast to fling it to my television.  This method will feature advertisements, but there's no shame in helping to keep Conan on the air and on the web.

Subscribe to PBS Newshour YouTube Channel and Watch on Television with Chromecast

Excerpt from my blog post on 10/3/13

I was very excited when the PBS Roku channel appeared, and indeed there is a great wealth of programming available through it. The one disappointment I had, however, was the delay in access to new episodes to the PBS Newshour.  Ideally, I would like to watch the 6:00 broadcast sometime later that evening or as late as the following afternoon.  The Roku channel delay often did not make this possible.  I did find an alternate solution, however, when the Chromecast came out and I discovered that full episodes of PBS Newshour are posted relatively quickly on their YouTube channel.  Individual segments of the broadcast are posted very quickly, and complete episodes are available usually by 10:00 p.m.


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