Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to the Instant View Film Festival

I recently heard a reasonably well respected film commentator say in a discussion about Netflix that despite the growing number of titles available, there are never any “good movies” on Watch Instantly.  While it is true that it can be harder than it needs to be to find good films while searching the collection, there are in fact quite a number of good films available.  The purpose of this blog is to find some of those films, on Netflix and on other streaming sources, which are worth looking for, watching, and discussing.

The entries here will be of varying length and detail, and will serve different purposes in different contexts.  Sometimes I will write about films that I have just seen and I will discuss them in some detail.  Sometimes I will write about films that I plan to see in the near future, and I will just give some brief reasons why they might be worth checking out.  Sometimes I’ll just cut and paste titles, descriptions and links, and leave it at that.  In any case, all of the entries can be considered starting points for discussions to be continued in the comments section.

As the blog archive grows, hopefully none of us will have trouble finding something to watch when we’re in the mood for a particular type of film, or when we’re looking for anything to watch on a rainy day.

Thank you for your time and interest, and I look forward to your responses.