Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CueThat Plug-In: Right Click Titles to add to Netflix Queue

The good folks at Hacking Netflix drew my attention to a new browser add-on that will be helpful to IVFF readers.

The CueThat plug-in allows you to right click on any movie title on any page on the internet, and then add that film to your Netflix queue.  You can find the plug-in here:

I tested this out with my most recent Documentary blog entry, and it worked fine for me. The FAQ does say:

Can CueThat find cue me flicks for DVD vs Streaming and vice versa?  

Currently we just support the DVD cue. Trust us, we know what you want, we're working on it.


I was able to add to watch instantly, but currently I have a streaming-only subscription. If you come across any difficulties please let me know in the comments section.  One problem I have come across is that if it can't find the title, it might come up as The Fighter (2010).  If that happens, try highlighting the title and then right-clicking for CueThat.

This will help considerably until I teach myself how to use the Netflix API for this blog.

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