Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Horror: International Zombies

They Came Back starting streaming in June during my hiatus, and it will be available for about a year, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention with some other international takes on the zombie genre.  They Came Back is particularly understated as it delves into the pragmatic problems of the return of the dead, which makes it a fascinating variation on the genre.

They Came Back / Les Revenants (Robin Campillo, France, 2004, 104 minutes)
Netflix: A group of zombies leave their graves and return to their homes, but their relatives aren't sure what to do with them. Neither is the government -- so the undead are placed in emergency housing while the authorities figure out a plan.  Netflix link.

The Horde (Yannick Dahan, Benjamin Rocher, France, 2009, 96 minutes)
Netflix: When four corrupt policemen invade a gangster's hideout near Paris to avenge the death of their colleague, they quickly find themselves outmanned, outgunned and trapped. That is, until a legion of vicious zombies swarms through the building. Now, the cops, the crooks and the undead are swept up in a bloody three-way rampage. Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher direct this gore-filled French thriller that stars Jo Prestia and Eriq EbouaneyNetflix link.

Dead Snow (Tommy Wirkola, Norway, 2009, 91 minutes)
Netflix: A group of Norwegian friends get the scariest history lesson of their lives during a weekend getaway to the snowy town of Øksfjord, where the party is interrupted by throngs of Nazi zombies who once occupied the area. Armed with a machine-gun-equipped snowmobile, the gang fights for survival in director Tommy Wirkola's quirky horror, shot on location in the mountains of Norway. The film had its U.S. premiere at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.  Netflix link.

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