Friday, October 14, 2011

Bollywood: Kites and Kites: The Remix

This weekend I hope to compare and contrast the two versions of Kites that are available on Netflix Watch Instantly.  The closest we've come to a Bollywood crossover in the U.S. has been Slumdog Millionaire, but those familiar with Bollywood traditions know that Slumdog only gave lip service to the form with the musical number at the end of the film.  The biggest obstacles for Bollywood crossovers have been the lengths of typical films and the seemingly arbitrary musical numbers (no matter what genre the film might be otherwise).  The producers of Kites engaged in an interesting experiment to test the waters for a strategy for an American crossover.  Despite the relatively short running time for the film, they cut the American version from 122 minutes to 92 minutes, and they put Brett Ratner (Rush Hour films, X-Men: The Last Stand) in charge of the American cut.

I'd be particularly interested in comments from readers who also have compared the two versions.  I hope to update this entry when I've had a chance to do so.

Kites (Anurag Basu, India, 2010, 122 minutes)
Netflix: Although Mexican bombshell Natasha and Indian hunk Jay don't speak the same language, they quickly develop an intense, mutual attraction. But after they brazenly run off together, the sexy couple encounters severe danger and trouble with the law.  Netflix link.

Kites: The Remix (Anurag Basu, India, 2010, 92 minutes)
Netflix: Brett Ratner gives his treatment to the original Bollywood version of this story, which centers on two star-crossed lovers, Jay Ray and Natasha, who leave behind their wealthy significant others, to be together.  Netflix link,

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