Monday, October 24, 2011

Documentary: The Last Mogul, The Kid Stays in the Picture

Here are two quick documentary picks on the theme of Hollywood power brokers, portraits of Lew Wasserman and Robert Evans.

The Last Mogul: Life and Times of Lew Wasserman (Barry Avrich, USA, 2005, 102 minutes)
Netflix: For more than half a century, MCA president Lew Wasserman controlled Hollywood; this documentary reveals the story behind the movie mogul's rags-to-riches career, from his mafia ties to his role in Reagan's political career and as a media pioneer. The film includes interviews with Jimmy Carter, Jack Valenti, Larry King, Michael Ovitz, Suzanne Pleshette, Richard D. Zanuck, George Christie, Alan Ladd Jr., Sydney Pollack, Dominick Dunne and more.  Netflix link.

The Kid Stays in the Picture (Nanette Burstein, Brett Morgen, USA, 2002, 93 minutes)
Netflix: Based on the 1994 autobiography of film producer Robert Evans, this documentary follows Evans's career as he went from fresh-faced clothing executive to Hollywood actor to Paramount executive to legendary producer (Marathon Man, Chinatown). We also follow Evans through a cocaine controversy, into disreputation and low times, and finally to his comeback producing several 1990s films. Evans himself provides the narration.  Netflix link.

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