Friday, September 30, 2011

Experimenal: Bruce Baillie on Mubi

Several films by the experimental filmmaker Bruce Baillie are currently streaming on Mubi for $1 each--a steep price point per minute, relatively speaking, but worth it if you are not familiar with his films.  A good starting point for the uninitiated would be Castro Street (1966), which was included in the Library of Congress National Film Registry in 1992.  The filmmaker page for Baillie can be found at this link, and the individual film links are included below.

Castro Street (Bruce Baillie, USA, 1966, 10 minutes)
Mubi synopsis: Inspired by a lesson from Erik Satie; a film in the form of a street – Castro Street running by the Standard Oil Refinery in Richmond, California … switch engines on one side and refinery tanks, stacks and buildings on the other – the street and film, ending at a red lumber company. All visual and sound elements from the street, progressing from the beginning to the end of the street, one side is black-and-white (secondary), and one side is colour – like male and female elements. The emergence of a long switch-engine shot (black-and-white solo) is to the filmmaker the essential of consciousness. —IMDb  Mubi link.

All My Life (Bruce Baillie, USA, 1966, 3 minutes)
Mubi synopsis: The camera pans left across a wooden picket fence during early summer and tilts up into a brilliant blue sky as Ella Fitzgerald’s “All My Life” plays on the soundtrack.  Mubi link.

Tung (Bruce Baillie, USA, 1966, 5 minutes)
Mubi synopsis: One of Baillie’s sensuous tone poems, Tung is a portrait of a friend; sandy skin and flaxen hair in the early-morning light.  Mubi link.

Mass for the Dakota Sioux (Bruce Baillie, USA, 1964, 24 minutes)
Mubi synopsis: An experimental film dedicated to the Dakota Sioux, which foolows the form of th e Christian Mass. A series of images of contemporary America interwoven with the ritual spiriting away of a dead Indian.  Mubi link.

Valentin de las Sierras (Bruce Baillie, USA, 1971, 10 minutes)
Mubi synopsis: Skin, eyes, knees, horses, hair, sun, earth. Old song of Mexican hero, Valentin, sung by blind Jose Santollo Nadiso en Santa Cruz de la Soledad. —IMDb.  Mubi link.

Edit 10/3/11:  Fandor is also streaming the following films by Bruce Baillie: Mass of the Dakota Sioux, Tung, All My Life, and Quick Billy (1970, 55 minutes)

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